Successful Cases

Why our customers choose us as their cable and accessories provider is summed up in experience, quality, safety and personalized service. Today Brokable provides services to companies of international stature. Here we present some of the success stories that we have consolidated with our work and effort.

Altos Hornos de Mexico AHMSA


Scope: Maintenance for valve disconnector.


Complete range to supply cables with assembly.


Provide complete solutions, giving a better delivery time as well as an added value focused on the performance of our product.

Industria Vidriera de Coahuila


IVC Development of the Pyrometry and instrumentation area.


Provide instruments that meet the quality as well as the delivery time necessary for our client.


Manufacture a tailor made suit, improving delivery time for the benefit of the process. All this was carried out based on the management with the maintenance team, providing advice and making a field visit to manage the project.

Renewable Industry
Industria Renovable

The renewable industry is becoming more and more part of our routine, which is why there are more and more power generators of this type. To guarantee its functionality, they require the best materials to guarantee its operation.

This project contained a great challenge because the client needed the material on site in practically 10 days (including the manufacturing) of having received the order, taking into consideration that it was a critical part for the staff to finish in a timely manner. This wiring forms for the CCTV (Closed Circuit TV), and due to the installation it had to comply with the quality required to guarantee its operation. The client requested that each section be 2.5km in order to make a cleaner and faster installation, thus making a tailor made suit.

The logistic part was crucial considering the location of this industrial park.

Glass Industry
Industria Vidriera

The glass industry by its nature requires very robust materials for its work, since they’re exposed to humidity, high temperature, and others.

When the Brokable team arrived at the plant, they noticed the application of bottle-forming machine valves that constantly had repairs due to the fact that the cable that was installed was not adequate, generating repeated stoppages in man and machine hours. This caused a loss that was not being considered.

To solve this problem, the Brokable team analyzed this case and based on the abuses to which the cable was exposed to, such as high temperature and direct contact with the molten glass, it was decided to use a much more robust cable resistant to direct flame for intervals, and in addition a silicone/fiberglass sleeve was applied.

Cement Industry
Nuevo León
Industria Cementera

The cement industry is very robust, and logistics in its case implies having the material on the same day of delivery of the concrete for a work.

In this case, the client (concrete/cement manufacturer) required type T thermocouple in a maximum of 6 hours on site. The reason they required it so quickly was because they had to deliver the concrete and the temperature had to be measured to be able to give it the solid point. The problem in this case was that due to how special the material was, it could not be found, so by turning to us, a solution was given.


Automotive / Steel
San Luis Potosi
Industria Automotriz

The automotive industry requires certified materials and calibrations in order to guarantee product quality. An error in this can alter the quality of the final product generating million of losses.

In the case of this suspension manufacturer, the issue goes through a process that involves radical changes in the change in temperature. The client had a problem in the products for the measurements of the furnace, where wiring for type K thermocouples with ceramic sheath is used, as well as type K thermocouples. The client needed all the material to guarantee the correct measurement in the process, as well as the calibration, and material under consignment.

The Brokable team got together with its subsidiary to provide a solution guaranteed the calibrations of this type of products as required by the client through a certificate that is issued directly by the factory, as well as the endorsement of quality with guarantee, in such a way that the customer has the mind at peace that the same supplier can guarantee the quality and not add a third party.

Steel Industry
Industria Siderúrgica

The steel industry requires complex engineering, as well as highly qualified and experienced personnel. To handle this engineering, the wiring and connectors play a crucial role where there is no margin of error.

For this steel mill, all its applications need products of the highest quality, so in its application of electric steel roller slab, it would not be the exception.Here the detail is that they needed a very special assembly that involves high quality engineering involving a survey on site and hours of work to do the design. The end user required resistant cables exposed to high temperature, tension, twisting, humidity and direct flame exposure (basically all types of environment) as well as heavy duty connectors plus engineering. The user required 6 pieces of this material.

The Brokable team along with its subsidiary were assigned this task in order to generate this solution. After weeks of work, there was a solution to this problem that the end user had, delivering the 6 pieces as requested. A great tool that was provided was communication with the end user, giving fluidity to this project. The quality of the assembly was guaranteed by adding a cable resistant to these abuses, as well as a tape resistant to flame and high temperature, and also a stainless steel jacket.

Automation Industry
Estado de México
Industria Automatización

The automation industry requires products with the highest quality standards, and the best technology. 

For this contractor, he required a series of special cable combinations that not many could give him the attention and service he required, either because they were very special cables or his requirements were low volume in some items, or because they could not meet delivery times.

Brokable considers wide range of types of cable that we handle, as well as flexibility for minimum sales, we were able to provide a solution to the client. Likewise, our logistics team was able to facilitate the delivery of the material on site in a timely manner.