Industrial Sectors

We supply current and accessories to the most demanding industrial sectors. From the steel industry to food and beverages. We know our products will offer security and quality that your project requires for a perfect operation. Also our team will guide you at all times, starting with providing suggestions to meet the needs of your project, until delivery in a timely manner.

Alimentos y bebidas

Food and Beverages

The quality demands of the nutritional grade sector can become one of the most demanding in the industryBrokable knows fails are not possiblefor that reason our cables and accessories will give the required support for every team.



We know our cables and accessories will cover the needs of construction sector, counting on the certifications and specifications that every project requires. Security and quality are the characteristics that our cables and accessories present, that is why we are the best option for each project.



The need to keep the world communicated is a grand job. We handle a range of cabling and accessories for the communication sector. Optical fiber, data center, coaxial, telephony, mobiles among others. Covering a wide range of uses from data transmission to voice messaging media. This sector is one of out specialties, therefore we provide solutions to our collaborators by offering personalized orders to satisfy the needs of each client.



Our cables and accessories count on the approvals by most of the international defense organizations, we bring to you the security and quality this projects requires. We solve every project in México and the world.



The world changes everyday and the way it produces too. For that reason in many business/companies, innovation reaches the way of working. With this you can find the supply of cables and accessories for these tools with us. We will provide you with the right equipment for the long-lasting operation of your new processes.



Our cables and accessories count with necessary certifications for use on this sector. You can find our products in different areas of railway lines in Europe and America. Our commitment to quality makes every cable that comes out out of Brokable be the best on the market.

Minería y perforación

Mining and Drilling

Our cables and accessories are leaders on this sector for two reasons: security and quality. Currently our products are present in hundreds of projects in this field. Covering every step of the mining and drilling processes, from the equipment required for each process, to the infrastructure of the complexes. Our technical team is ready to support you and offer you the best cable to cover the needs of your project, as well as the logistics of the delivery.

Petróleo, gas y petroquímica

Oil, gas and petrochemical

High demands of this sector require us to count on cables and accessories that can cover needs in a safe way and with better & high quality. Our range of options supply each process in this field. In addition, the certifications of our products are necessary for the projects to be executed.

Tratamiento de agua

Water Treatment

You can find the coverage of the needs of process in the water treatment sector with us. Purification or wastewater treatment, each one has specifications that, we know, we can cover in a timely manner.

Transmisión y distribución de energía

Energy transmission and distribution

One of our main sector. You can find our cables and accessories in different distribution network projects in Europe and America. Providing a large number of options for the industry including high, medium and low voltage cables, under various standards satisfying domestic sectors up to high voltage operators. Our various cables include conductors of aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum with reinforcement of make, among others.

Energía renovable

Renewable Energy

Wiring and accessories that are specifically designed for this sector, can be found with us. Our products have the specifications required for photovoltaic and wind farm projects. We design the wiring that your project requires, giving you technical attention from our first contact.

Paneles eléctricos

Electric Panels

Electric panels are another of our specialties as we have specialized cables and accessories for this sector, which are highly resistant to exposure to extreme temperatures. In addition to having certifications and standards such as: UL<CSA and BS.



A sector that never rests, therefore the products that need to be used in each project in this field must meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our cables and accessories have various certifications and standards that guarantee why we are the best option in Mexico and Latin America. Our lighting cables comply with the standards established by the International Civil Aviation (ICAO).



The steel sector is one of the toughest and it has been proven that our cables and accessories are resistant enough to meet the needs of the processes that are found in it. In addition to having the certifications to be a part of each project within the industry.